Still Time Left to Apply for Help with Your Heating and Electric Bills!

Spring may have arrived over the weekend, but OVO’s Winter Energy Assistance Program is still going strong!

We still have funding available to assist qualified homes with their heating and electric bills.  If you have not yet received assistance since October, we can help you with current and past due gas and electric bills or help you get a fill-up for your bulk fuel, such as LP gas, wood, and wood pellets.  Remember, you do not have to be on a disconnect notice in order to get help; you only have to be income eligible.

OVO can help you:

  • Get caught up on bills from the winter months
  • Get ahead on your bills moving into the summer heat
  • Pay off a past due amount and avoid your services being shut off

For more information on how you qualify and to download the application, check out our Energy Assistance Program Page.  You can give our office a call at (812) 265-5858 to speak with one of our friendly Energy Assistance staff.  There are less than 2 MONTHS left in the program, so apply today!