Celebrating Success:  July 2018

Celebrating Success: July 2018

July flew by here at OVO! Beautiful weather and good news kept us moving through the month. The last month has been busy with staff development in all of our program areas with several staff attending numerous trainings to ensure our programs are up-to-date on program best practices. Head Start has been abuzz with preparations for our upcoming school year. Our Energy Assistance Summer Cool Program is still in full swing! We’re especially pleased to see all the new faces applying to our program! Our Weatherization Program received additional funding we’ll use to assist low-income families increase energy efficiency. Our Housing Choice Voucher Program continues to house new families. Here are some of the great successes we had for the month of July:

• Head Start is gearing up for the new school year! Enrollment is still in full-swing and we’ve begun receiving shipments of classroom supplies. We can’t wait to welcome our little scholars back to school!
• Debbie Hardy, Auditor/Inspector for our Weatherization Assistance Program, passed her Energy Auditor exam! Way to go, Debbie!
• We have dispersed 46 air conditioner units through our Energy Assistance Summer Cool Program! We are so grateful for the opportunity to help families keep their homes cool and safe during the intense summer temperatures!
• Our Weatherization Assistance Program received funds from the Department of Energy! We’re looking forward to weatherizing homes of low-income families to help them reduce energy costs.
• Our Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) staff we able to attend an excellent training session in Indianapolis.
• We currently have 293 families housed through our Housing Choice Voucher Program! We love helping our clients find safe and affordable housing!
• Our Human Resources Director, Jamie, hosted three successful Head Start job fairs in each of our counties.
• Elaina, Executive Director, and Jeff, Weatherization Assistance Program Director, attended a great Weatherization Assistance Program conference in Evansville!
• Our Energy Assistance Program received a thoughtful thank you card from a happy client. We’re always happy to hear feedback from our clients on the good work that we do!

Thank you to our staff for making these accomplishments a reality and to the community for giving us valuable support that keeps up moving forward!