Celebrating Success:  April 2018

Celebrating Success: April 2018

It has been another fabulous month here at OVO, filled with great news and big accomplishments! Here are some of the great successes we had during the month of April:

  • Thank you to i105.3 WMPI in Scottsburg and 95.3 WIKI in Madison for having OVO on the air! We recorded a Public Service Announcement with WMPI about our Winter Energy Assistance Program to play during the news update segments. WIKI invited our Energy Assistance Program Director on to the morning show with Larry Duke to talk about the program as well.
  • Our Energy Assistance Program was awarded $115,800 in state and federal funds to serve additional families with help towards their heating and electric bills!
  • We had an excellent monitoring of our Energy Assistance Program!  Great job to our staff on their awesome work to make this monitoring a success!
  • Head Start underwent two on-site Federal Reviews.  As a Community Action Agency we are frequently monitored and audited across all programs.  We always welcome monitors because it allows us to receive positive feedback from program experts and expose the incredible work we are doing at OVO!
  • We received a great thank you letter from a appreciative client who recently had her house weatherized by our Weatherization staff! Great job to our faculty for their exceptional service!
  • Thank you to A.B.A.T.E. of Indiana and ABATE Bikers Care for choosing OVO as one of their 2018 Grant Recipients.

Be sure to check back next month to see more of our awesome news and happenings! Go OVO!