Celebreating Success: May 2018

May was a beautiful month here in Southern Indiana and brought with it some wonderful things to celebrate here at OVO. Here are some of the great successes we had during the month of May:

  • Section 8 pulled 30 names from the waiting lists! As always, we are thrilled at the opportunity to help new families secure quality and affordable housing!
  • Our Energy Assistance Program was awarded $50,000 in federal funds to serve additional families with help towards their heating and electric bills!
  • We were honored to host Nan McKay and Associates as they provided training for Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) staff from fellow Community Action Agencies across the state. We were also happy to host representatives from the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority. Our Section 8 staff were incredibly thankful for the opportunity to participate in this awesome training and for the opportunity to have questions answered by our state program management.
  • Head Start met 100% compliance with the Focus Area 2 review! Great job to our staff on their awesome work to make this monitoring a success!
  • Our Madison and Hanover locations hosted the annual Head Start 500! Preschoolers got to show off their creative boxcars and race to the finish line as parents, teachers, and elementary school students cheered them on from the stands!
  • Our Energy Assistance Program assisted over 2,500 households with their heating and electric bills during the Winter Program!

Here at OVO, we are so proud of our accomplishments and the life-changing work we are able to do in the communities we love so much! Go OVO!